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Ascension: Transition and Silver is a visual novel following three lost souls as they venture into The Zone - a dangerous and alien area, fenced off by the rest of the world - and at its center is rumoured to be something that can grant any wish, any innermost desire.

But, at a price. 

There's no turning back. Once you leave your old life behind to go chasing dreams, you can never return. 

Two desperate people and their sardonic guide venture into The Zone, but what they find there will forever, permanently change them - and, just maybe, change the world.


  • Ascension: Transition and Silver is a 2 - 3 hour visual novel 
  • Multiple choices and five endings
  • Ascension: Transition and Silver is currently available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Content Warning: The game contains strong language, references to drug and tobacco use, body horror, and themes of sexuality and gender dysphoria

A game by SulMatul, music by Kyle Merckx, Zoe Blade and Priroda, art by Joanna Estep and Anon, banner art by Mayorhead

Editing by Matt Cox, William Harke, RagnarRox, Jade Bacalso, and Codex Entry

Soundtrack available at;


PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jan 13, 2021
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsAdult, ascension, LGBT, LGBTQIA, Psychological Horror, Ren'Py, Romance, Story Rich, Transgender
Average sessionAbout an hour
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Subtitles


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This was a great and beuatiful story. Excellent work


Thank you for this. I wasn't expecting to connect with this story as intimately as I did. I found myself torn between agonizing over being committing to being the Doctor and settling for being the Guide even if I knew that would be lying to myself. This game has plucked at some of the darkest and most isolating thoughts I've struggled to get anyone else to understand.

Seeing the most frustrated aspects of myself so clearly outlined, I stopped to make peace with the idea that I'd probably never be satisfied in some ways, only to give in and receive a happy ending anyways. I came way feeling like I'm precisely where I need to be, and that there is a life ahead of me where I can truly be alive and happy going all the way as a transfemme.

Words are kinda failing me now, but I have come away from Ascension at peace in the face of things I've long fought to just put into words. And I just don't think I'm likely to have found validation so specific and personal anywhere else. I can't thank you enough for this experience.


this game made me kill god and achieve enlightenment

10/10 would recommend


This is a fantastic game. The Doctor in particular resonated with me and really captured a lot of my feelings about my transition and where I am with it right now. It is also so good to see transmasculine and feminine non-binary representation in a game. And I also liked the nods to We Know The Devil, one of my favorite VNs.


Had me hooked from the very start!


This felt very cathartic. Thank you so much for creating such a wonderful experience. 


Thank you for playing it, it means a lot to hear people like it!


Just finished seeing all the endings, I'm so happy I got around to playing this. 

This is one of the best visual novels I have ever read and easily one of my all time favourites, I'm so impressed with how the story can effortlessly combine very unsettling horror with a deep emotional core. I love all three characters so much. Their designs are wonderfully expressive, all three of them are compelling and I enjoyed seeing how their relationships developed with each decision. The music also really adds to the atmosphere, it reminds me a bit of Pathologic's soundtrack and sucked me in from the moment the game began. 

I loved every moment of Ascension and I have no doubt I'll be playing it again in the future, you've created something truly amazing. 


thank you so so much!! I’m really glad you liked it! It means a lot to hear


a beautiful tale of false lives and rebirth


Glad to see the nods to We know the devil, I thought I felt its influence

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This game has been really thrilling so far. The music combined with the scenery makes it really immersive. Great work.

Full Playlist


Oh goodness, thank you so much! I wasn't expecting Let's Players so soon!!


I just happened to stumble upon it. 😅


This game turned out really well!